Decorative Cornices

Decorative cornices have been a feature of internal architecture since the 16th century and was traditionally used as a way to beautify the roughly plastered interiors of ancient homes. The craft gradually became more and more specialised, and the designs more ornate, with plaster mouldings becoming a key feature of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

Wikipedia defines decorative cornices as follows:

“In architecture, a cornice (from the Italian cornice meaning “ledge”) is generally any horizontal decorative moulding that crowns a building or furniture element – the cornice over a door or window, for instance, or the cornice around the top edge of a pedestal or along the top of an interior wall.”

In our specialist workshop, we hand make decorative cornices that range from the most detailed designs to simple but effective finishing touches for any room.  Customers can choose from a vast selection of stock cornices, while for restoration work we offer a bespoke service using a moulding process to replicate and repair existing cornices.

Manor Mouldings has a heritage since 1985 in providing high-quality cornicing services to its customers.  We work with both commercial and residential customers, taking pride in the most complex piece of architecture or something that is very simple.

Our list of projects show that we will work with customers to create something new or to restore to its former glory.  It’s this range of experience which makes us unique within our business together with the personal touch that we bring to every customer relationship we develop.

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